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School Bus Safety and Electricity

When you play in your home or outside, you must obey electrical safety rules. Electrical safety is important on your school bus too! If your school bus is an accident and a power line comes down on or near the bus, follow these important rules:

Rule 1: Obey and listen to your bus driver!

Rule 2: Be very quiet and sit still! Wait for your bus driver to tell you what to do next.

Rule 3: Stay in your seat! The safest place is on the bus.

Rule 4: Know how to get off the bus! If your bus driver tells you it's time to leave the bus, follow these rules:

  • Line up quickly and quietly.
  • Watch the bus driver for instructions.
  • Keep your feet together. Hold your arms tightly at your sides.
  • Jump clear without touching the bus and the ground at the same time.
  • Land with feet together and shuffle a safe distance away from the bus.

Rule 5: Move away without touching the bus, and stay a safe distance from the accident.

Rule6: Stay together in a group. Listen to your bus driver until help arrives.


Don't forget these safety tips as well:

  • Don't fly kites near power lines.
  • Don't climb trees that are touching power lines.
  • Always stay away from downed power lines and report the danger to an adult immediately.
  • Water and electricity don't mix. Never use any electrical objects near water.

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School Bus Safety Crossword

School Bus
Safety Crossword

Time to review your school bus safety rules!  Print this crossword and see if you can remember them all!

How to Cross the Road Safely

How to Cross
the Road Safely

Know the Danger Zone around the School bus and follow these rules!

  • Stay out of the danger zone at all times!
  • Remember — if you can't see the driver, the driver can't see you!
  • Never go near the bus unless the driver has given you the signal to come!
  • Never, ever walk or play behind a vehicle!
  • When you go near the bus, always, always be sure you can see the bus driver!
  • If you drop anything in the danger zone leave it. Never, never stop to pick it up!’
Nova Scotia bus Safety

School Bus
Safety Game

Play this fun, interactive game and learn all about school bus safety. The School Bus Safety Game is brought to you by Safety Services Nova Scotia!

School Bus Safety Game

Safety Activity & Colouring Book

Print our colouring and activity book for  your student to have some fun while learning about school bus safety at the same time.

Elmer in Dangerville

Elmer the Safety Elephant

Kids, can you help Elmer find 10 mistakes in his picture? On the next page, you and your friends can play Elmer's School Bus Safety Game!